The Golden Knives

The symbol of the Golden Knives

The Golden Knives are an organization founded on Adar by the Demon of Anshar. They target those who have power (as opposed to those who merely have titles) for assassination, aiming to dismantle all forms of hierarchy — political, religious, military, social, or otherwise — by systematically removing the key individuals that those structures depend upon.


Potential new recruits are closely monitored by other Golden Knives, and brought in if they show skill as an assassin, discretion in their choice of targets, and a commitment to freeing people by removing the key elites who keep systems of domination in operation.

Golden Knives are expected to plan and carry out their own operations. There is no command structure, of course; each individual Golden Knife is expected to carry on the mission as if the full burden of eliminating hierarchy across the planes fell on her shoulders alone. The organization offers two advantages, however:

  1. A network of likely allies: The Golden Knives use a system of esoteric symbols to contact each other. While each Golden Knife carries the responsibility to carry on the mission personally, that doesn’t preclude cooperation with other Golden Knives when necessary. The Golden Knives espouse free association and cooperation instead of domination for the world at large, and put it to practice in their activities. They have no command structure, but they do have a means of meeting secretly, conspiring together, and working together when they are willing to do so.
  2. Guidance & Training: Only members of the Golden Knives can meet the Demon of Anshar, or receive the special training offered at the Godless Temple.

The Demon of Anshar

The actual identity of the Golden Knives’ founder is unknown. Only the Golden Knives closest to him can confirm that the original Demon died centuries ago. “The Demon of Anshar” has become a title, passed down for generations.

The original Demon of Anshar first laid down the Golden Knives’ mission and purpose, and taught the first assassins of the order not only those ideals, but the techniques they would use to carry out the Knives’ mission. His headquarters, the Godless Temple, is a hidden fortress in the mountains above the city of Anshar, one of the Knives’ first targets. The Golden Knives eventually caused the collapse of Anshar’s ruling houses, turning the city into a ruin. The Temple remains hidden from all but other members of the Golden Knives, offering advanced training in techniques and skills the Golden Knives need to carry out their mission. It has become a magnet for the very best assassins, thieves, revolutionaries, and anarchists, many of whom stay there to train the Golden Knives. That sort of access and training has made the Golden Knives some of the most feared assassins in the planes.

The Golden Knives

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